Aka and Geruma Islands

Aka and Geruma islands are connected by a bridge and are a ten-minute speedboat trip from Zamami. They are smaller islands, but still have a post office, medical clinic, and a couple of small stores. Aka's population is about 300 and Geruma's about 60. There is a road across Aka leading to many observatories. There is also a road across Geruma to the village, then across a bridge to the airport and an observatory on Fukaji island.

These two islands are also unique for holding a population of Kerama deer, which were imported from Kyushu 400+ years ago. If you're out in the village in the morning or evening you'll have a good chance of seeing them!

Information Desk

The staff at the port should be able to give you an English map of Aka and Geruma, but that will be the extent of their English help. Your best bet for information is at your pension/hotel.


The only internet available is at pensions and hotels. It should be noted under each listing in the Places to Stay section.



One of two small stores on the island. Very basic selection of food. They do have ice cream and alcohol. On the first floor of Minshuku Tatsunojo (Hotel). Also rents bikes.


aka-store-21723.jpgKakinohana Shouten (Store)

The second of two small stores on the island. Near the post office. Similarly small selection as Tatsunojo .


Aka Koutsu - flat fee for up to nine people. ¥710 for a trip to Nishibama Beach.

Phone: 090-5733-2627



The islands' police officer lives on Zamami. In case of emergency please refer to your pension/hotel operator.



There is a small clinic on Aka. The doctor or nurse should have a useful grasp of English. In case of emergency please contact any Aka or Geruma resident. Serious emergencies will involve a helicopter medevac.


Post Office/ATM

See the other information section.