Welcome to the Zamami English Guide, an English resource for visitors to Zamami, Aka, and Geruma Islands in Okinawa, Japan.

Just a 50-minute ferry trip from Naha, the small villages and numerous beaches make the Kerama Islands a relaxing, accessible getaway. You'll find friendly people, a slower pace of life, and everything locally-owned here. Many people come for a day or overnight trip, but most wish they'd stayed longer.

zamamitown.jpgZamami Island

Zamami is the largest inhabited island served by Zamami-son. The population is about 600 people, spread between the main village of Zamami and the smaller villages of Ama and Asa. Zamami-son's village offices and police officer are housed on Zamami. There are ~60 kids at the elementary/junior high school. Students move to Naha to attend high school.

Zamami is famous for Furuzamami Beach, Ama Beach, winter humpback whale watching, and excellent year-round diving. There are over 40 places to stay, 10+ restaurants, 6 observatories, and 25+ beaches! It's also known as the first place U.S. troops landed in World War II. The Keramas served as the staging area for their attack on the Okinawan mainland. 

Information Desk

The Tourist Information office has free English maps of the village and the whole island which include a helpful but limited restaurant and shop guide. The friendly staff will help you become oriented with the island; just keep in mind some may speak limited English. They also have English documents to help explain camping protocol. If you would like to find a souvenier the information office also sells a number of locally-made items ranging from postcards to jewelry and also snacks. Internet and Wifi is also available here. The information desk is to the left of the wheelchair accessible ramp at the port, opposite the ticket window. 


Zamami Island has free wifi that covers the whole town but the signal is strongest in the port. 


jouji-seika1796.jpg105 Store

The largest store on the island. It has everything you need to survive (produce, bread, instant ramen, ice cream, and plenty of alcohol), but a notably smaller selection of specialty items than a mainland store. On the main street 50m past the river and behind the city office. Hours vary depending on the season. They are typically open  7am - 11pm daily during peak season.



Magiy Taxi (マギタクシ) - Flat fee for up to eight people. The information desk at the port or the staff at Furuzamami Beach can call him for you.

Rates: Port to Furuzamami Beach: ¥700, port to Ama Beach: ¥700, Furuzamami to Ama Beach: ¥1110

Phone: 090-1947-5830


There is a bus that runs between the port and Furuzamami Beach. It costs ¥300 - a good deal on a hot day! Make sure to ask "Furuzamami Bus?" because many hotels also run buses from the port when the boats arrive.

There is also a bus/van service provided by the rental companies at Furuzamami. If you intend to rent beach chairs, parasols, or snorkeling gear you can get free transportation to and from Furuzamami.

Police Box

There has probably never been a crime on Zamami, but we have a policeman just in case. His English is decent enough to get through an emergency. He is available 24 hours by pressing the emergency button at the police box located on the main road in front of the port heading towards Ama beach.


There is a small clinic near the post office. The doctor's English is pretty solid. In the case of an emergency please tell any Zamami resident and they will know how to get in contact with him. Serious emergencies will involve a helicopter medevac. 

Post Office/ATM

See the island info section.