Places to Stay in Zamami

There are many places to stay on Zamami. The choices below attempt to give a cross-section of pricing and include all the places which offer English-speaking staff. I have included a couple choices that have beds ("Western-style"), but most rooms are a tatami floor with futons and linens in the closet that you set up yourself. The listings are in ascending order by price. Ama and Asa lodgings are listed below and camping is at the bottom.


Zamami Village

Zamamia International Guest House

zamamia1.jpgMost recommended accommodation on island for foreigners. It's the only foreign owned and operated guest house on island. Extremely helpful staff eager to help travelers enjoy their stay on the island to its fullest! Newly renovated, offering western style accommodation. Central location, large room for entertainment and outside deck for socializing with others in the island.  Offering both private rooms and dormitory area with bunk beds specially made for foreign sizes. This place is highly recommended for anyone seeking fun holiday on a budget.

Free Wireless and large common area for watching movies, listening to music, and having a meal.

Rates: Private rooms: ¥3000  per person, Dormitory: ¥2500  per person

Tel: 098-987-3626


Nakayamagwa Guest House

nakayamagwa1751.jpgEnglish: good; Internet: yes, wireless

A small guest house a block from the water. Japanese-style tatami rooms with shared showers/bathrooms. Table and chairs on roof for relaxing. Shared refrigerator and wireless internet.

Rates: ¥3000 per person, maximum two people/room



akabana1787.jpgSmall guest house in the center of town, directly across from the main store. Dormitory style with futons on the floor. No AC. Can have a party atmosphere.

Tel: 098-987-2397



marumiya1764.jpgEnglish: little; Internet: no

Center of town, hotel-feel to it (front desk, multiple floors with many rooms). Breakfast in neighboring La Toquee restaurant is an extra ¥500.

Rates: Japanese-style room: ¥3500/person; Western-style room: ¥4000/person

Tel: 098-987-2005


Summer House Yu-Yu

yuyu1786.jpgEnglish: little; Internet: yes, shared computer

Western style or Japanese style tatami rooms available. Meals available for additional cost.

Rates: Japanese Style Tatami ¥3500 per person; Western style room ¥4000 per person

Tel: 098-987-3055



beachcomber1758.jpgEnglish: conversational; Internet: yes, connection in all rooms

Condominium-style, good for larger groups. Rooms have a kitchen, clothes washing machine, and internet, plus a closet full of futons and bedding. Also have weekly rates and off-season monthly rates.

Rates: (July, Aug, Sept) 1 person: ¥7000, 2: ¥11,000, 3: ¥15,000, 4: ¥16,000

(October - June): 1 person: ¥4000, 2: ¥8000, 3: ¥10500, 4: ¥12,000

Tel: 098-987-3100


Cat's Inn Kerama

cats-hotel1781.jpgEnglish: little; Internet: yes, shared

Quaint little hotel and dive operation overtop a little restaurant. 

Rates: ¥4800/person, ¥6800 including two meals; dorm: ¥3000/person, ¥5500 including two meals; high season (Golden Week, July, August, New Year's) add ¥700 to all prices

Tel: 098-987-2860



joy-joy-hotel1762.jpgEnglish: conversational; Internet: yes, shared computer

Hotel and dive shop, breakfast included.

Rates: Japanese-style room: ¥5250/person (¥6300 if alone during high season); Western-style room: ¥6820/person (¥7870 if alone during high season) (*High season: July-Sept, Golden Week, New Year's holidays)

Tel: 098-987-2445


Pension Takatsuki

takatsuki1766.jpgEnglish: little; Internet: yes, shared computer

All-inclusive hotel, food, and dive shop.

Rates: Japanese-style room: ¥5500/person (¥7500 including two meals), Western-style room: ¥6000/person (¥8000 including two meals)

Tel: 098-987-2247


Ama Village

(15-minute walk west of Zamami, though they'll pick you up at the port)


robinson1875.jpgEnglish: little; Internet: no

5-minute walk to the beach

Rates: ¥3000/person, ¥5500/person including two meals

Tel: 098-987-2676


Patio House Reef

patio-house-reef1876.jpgEnglish: little, but they said they have many foreign guests and language has never been a problem; Internet: yes, wireless

Famous for its flowers, which always seem to be in bloom. 5-minute walk to the beach.

Rates: ¥5000/person, ¥7500/person including two meals

Tel: 098-987-2429


Asa Village

(25-minute walk east of Zamami, though the hotels will pick you up at the port)

Kerama Beach Hotel (Japanese link)

Big, all-inclusive hotel in Asa. Nice views of ocean from rooms. Very quiet location with beaches to the East and West.

Rates: ¥12,600/person including two meals

Tel: 098-987-2271



ama-camping1886.jpgCamping is a great, cheap option on Zamami! There is only one designated place where camping is allowed. It's in a nice grove of casuarina trees in Ama, adjacent to the beatiful Ama beach. It's a 15-minute walk from the port and 30 seconds from the beach. The campground has cold-water showers. A neighboring store offers hot showers for a small fee.

Camping costs ¥300/person and the campground offers rental services for tents (~¥1000), sleeping bags, pads, bbq sets, etc. Sign up for camping at the Information Desk at the port or, in the summer, at the desk at the Ama campground. Reservations are not accepted nor required. Even during the busiest week (Golden Week) there is always space available.


ama-camping-showers1887.jpgPlease don't illegally camp anywhere on the island. It reflects poorly on Westerners who already have a struggling reputation in Okinawa. The campground is reasonably priced, it has services, and it's in a beautiful location.